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Amazing Weather and Disaster Project from the Lakshmipat Singhania Aacdemy in Kolkata, India

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Our 2010 Project on the St. Louis News

St. Louis New Year's Eve Tornado__


Reports and Information From Ryazan, Russia 2010

Report from Israel__

MICDS Hail Storm 2004__

Hail Storm in Bermuda sent in by Ms. Huxley (MICDS)

Flood Images from Einhardschule: Seligenstadt, Germany

Flood Footage and Info Sent From the Claret School in The Philippines and JH4 in Gdynia, Poland

Australian, Brazilian, and Sri Lankan Flooding

Volcanoes (Japan, USA, Iceland)

New Zealand Milk Train is Derailed by a Landslide. Taken by a Mystery Photographer

This project will be devoted to helping 5th Grade Geography students at MICDS understand how geography shapes their own lives as well as the lives of people around the world through the study of severe weather and natural disasters.
Our general focus will be to investigate how people everywhere adjust their lives due to the the influence of natural events in their geographic region. Specifically we are going to look into how people prepare for the wide range of natural threats that they might be faced with year in and year out.

Do you have questions, or are you interested in participating with us in next year's project? Please get in contact with me:
Mike Fitzgerald: mfitzgerald@micds.org
Skype: mikefitz63122

Project 1: Interviews with "experiencers" of a severe weather or natural disaster event.
Project 2: SW/ND Informational Wiki-Pages
Project 3: Collecting and posting information about severe weather or natural disasters from students from abroad and domestically

Timmy's House after the October storm in St. Louis

Reading material while you wait:

Severe Weather- Natural Disasters News

Philippine Typhon
Dallas Twister
New Zealand Earthquake
Indonesian Volcano
Katrina 5 Yrs. Later
Katrina Then&Now
Japanese Water Spout
Polish Flooding Photos
Polish Flooding News
Photos of Russian Wildfires
Chinese Mudslides
Floods in Pakistan

The Philippines after Typhoon Juan Oct. 2010