Green Our Campus Movie Results Are Finally In!

Winning Videos from Each Class Section: The Final Four

The Final Four Posted on the MAGEEP Student Network Video Contest Site (via Washington University in StL)





Behind the GREEN VIDEO Interviews

In your group you will work on a 2 minute photo-story project. They will be displayed on a a common site and several winners will be selected by judges both within the school and around the world. Have Fun!Start by selecting a mini-topic from this list:
Green Your Campus Project Mini-Topics:
a. Food
b. Shelter/Buildings
c. Transportation
d. Energy
e. Recycling/Waste

1)Introduce your school and yourselves.
2) Using your selected mini-topic, inform us how your school has an impact on the environment.
3) Form and present a creative, practical and measurable solution to the problem.

Green Videos from University students around the world.

Handy Resource Sites
MICDS Library
Museum of Natural History Climate Change Site
National Geographic Global Warming Site
Global Warming Effects Map
EPA Climate Change Site for Kids
What's Up With the Weather?
NASA's Climate Change Site
Global Warming Fast Facts
National Geographic Warming Videos
Atmosphere, Climate, and Environment Info Page
Global Warming/Climate Change Video
Greepeace Climate Change Info Living in the Green House