Greetings. Below you will find your assignments for the next three days. I assembled some sites that looked like they would provide solid background information for your upcoming project. Please follow the directions and do not work ahead. Use the handout to record your information. You may use GoogleEarth only to help you investigate information you find.

Untitled from mike fitzgerald on Vimeo.

Monday&Tuesday: You and your partner have selected a topic to cover for your upcoming wiki-project. Use the websites below to start collecting detailed information on your topic. Today and tomorrow you should hunt down info on the three topics below. Record your info on the handouts.

FEMA for Kids
National Geographic: Natural Disasters
Wikipedia: Natural Disasters
InfoBits (password: rams) Go to the Science&Math zone.

  • The Science: Define your event? Explain some of the science behind your “event/disaster”
  • Historical Event: Find info about a famous historical “event/disaster” for your topic
  • Safety : Find tips for preparing for and surviving your “event/disaster”

You and your partner should use today to search for up to date current events concerning your topic. Use the following news websites to search for info:
InfoBits (password: rams) Go to the Science&Math zone.